Monday, August 14, 2006

It's been 6 months for Kerry and I so we celebrated with a weekend at Hotel Pinnacle, dinner at Jake's Grill, a Saturday afternoon at the Bite of Oregon and Sunday brunch at the Alameda Cafe. At the Bite of Oregon we tried dishes from local restaurants, tasted wines from several Oregon wineries and found another one we really liked - Hill Crest Vineyards located near Roseburg, OR. What a fun weekend!

Anyway, in less the 48 hours I'll be on my way to Russia. So much to do yet and so little time! I've always wanted to go to Russia ever since I took Russian history in 9th grade. I'm very excited to be going and especially looking forward to St Petersburg. If I find an Internet Cafe while I'm in Russia I will try to make brief updates. If not, stay tuned for the next LLC Report sometime after I get back on September 3rd...

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