Monday, September 25, 2006

This past weekend I finished off my summer climbing season with back-to-back climbs of Three Fingered Jack and Mount Washington in central Oregon. It was my third ascent of Three Fingered Jack and my first of Mount Washington which gives me 12 of the Mazamas 16 Northwest Peaks Award. We had clear and sunny skies but the wind was fierce almost knocking us over at times. Both peaks have a long scree slog approach with a low 5th class finish on rotten rock and some serious exposure. Three Fingered Jack went as planned. On Washington we got off route and ended up on a sketchy traverse around the corner from the standard route. It was definitely an interesting challenge, but safe and enjoyable. My photos from the weekend can viewed here although apparently I was too focused on Washington to take more than a few pictures.

After 3 months of LLC I'm finding myself a little restless for a job. Ski season is several months off so I'm thinking about a part time or short term contract job to fill the time. With all my adventure plans for 2007 I see no point in looking for a full time job as I would need 2 months of vacation to start with. I guess it's time to dust off the old resume and bring it up to date...

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