Monday, October 02, 2006

I've been asked by several people what LLC is and what I do when I'm not off on one of my adventures. LLC stands for Leisure Life Chuck and here is a glimpse at a typical LLC day...

I wake up around 7am to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. After laying in bed until I completely wake up I wander upstairs to check the weather, read my email and scan the news headlines on my computer. After an hour of futzing around and drinking coffee I am ready to have my breakfast - two eggs and a bagel. While I eat my breakfast I flip through the latest issue of Time, the Willamette Weekly or some other magazine. After breakfast I go back to the computer to work on my photos, update my blog or do some mindless web surfing. Around 10am I'm ready to head outside. This is my favorite time of the day to go running and Hoyt Arboretum is my favorite place to run. Several times a week I drive up to the visitor center for a hour long hill run on one of the many loops I've created using the excellent trail system there. After my run and some stretching in the park I stop by the Train Station (my condo) to make sure it hasn't burnt down and pick up my mail. Sometimes I'll make a detour to REI or Powells to look around or go to Rocco's for a slice of pizza.

Around 1pm I head back to the Shack (Kerry's house) to fire up the BBQ for a burger and beer on the deck. After lunch I take a short siesta in the hammock watching the birds and squirrels that frequent the backyard. Afternoons are mostly spent lounging around the backyard, reading and working on my computer, listening to music on my iPod, doing various projects around the Shack, climbing at PRG with other happily unemployed friends or frequenting the numerous Portland outdoor shops in search of some more climbing gear to add to my collection. After a hard day of LLC I get take-out from one of the many restaurants in Beaumont Village then spend the evenings relaxing on the deck with the lady of the house, often reading a magazine, playing a game of Scrabble or talking the night away over a bottle of wine.

With the change in seasons comes a change of location and different activities for LLC. I've been living in NE Portland at the Shack aka the Summer Palace since May. This weekend will probably be the last nice weekend before we move downtown to the Train Station aka the Winter Palace. The Train Station derives its name from its proximity to Union Station and the freight trains which roll by at 3am most nights. Fortunately another building is under construction which when completed will help quiet things down. Winter time LLC activities will include plays at the new Portland Center Stage theater, checking out new restaurants in the Pearl, skiing at Mount Hood Meadows and Big Mountain (Montana), 2 weeks in Spain and training for my Denali climb next spring.

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