Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Had another awesome day up on Hood today! A couple friends and I skinned from Timberline up to the top of the Palmer then skied down to Government Camp. From the parking lot to Silcox was perfect - fresh powder with a single track up the hill. From Silcox to the top of the Palmer the snow was still good but the wind picked up and the clouds lowered to create whiteout conditions. Skiing down was a little difficult until I got use to the 46 pound pack I had on. From Timberline down to Government Camp was perfect foot deep powder that we just floated through. Amazing!

No photos to share. I took a bunch but evidently my camera froze as everything came out all black. I really need to get a reliable camera before Denali. I'm beginning to think digital is NOT the way to go - too many problems. Anyway, I'm off to a Denali planning meeting now...

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