Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I had an AWESOME start to my ski season last night. A couple friends and I made fresh tracks in knee deep, dry powder at Mount Hood Skibowl. We were on the 5th or 6th chair to reach the top of the upper bowl when the lifts opened at 3pm and we skied almost non-stop until 8:30pm. The conditions are AMAZING! Some of the best snow I've ever seen on Hood. This could easily be February skiing and it's only November.

We are having some unusually cold weather in the Portland area which has resulted in dry snow up on Hood and the resorts are getting dumped on. It even snowed in Portland this morning. Again it's only November. I was really beginning to worry about the ski season since this is suppose to be another warm, wet El NiƱo year. Hopefully this snow will stick around and we'll have a great snow year. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Right now I can't wait for the road to Mount Hood Meadows to open. The latest word is ODOT will have it repaired by December 15th.

Tomorrow we're thinking about skinning up the south side of Hood if the conditions are stable enough. Maybe even tag the summit if we can...

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